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Party Tents: Rentals

Party Tents

We have a variety of Tent sizes and styles.  From Party Canopies to free standing Frame Tents we are able to accommodate any area to customize your Celebration.


Frame Tents

Our free standing Frame Tents are perfect for areas that require a perfect fit or for much needed extra space without center poles.  Frame Tents can also be put on pavement or grass. Call for free estimates and seasonal specials.

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Call: (203) 651-9983

Party Canopy Tents

Perfect for the Backyard Celebration

These are the most commonly Rented Tents we provide.  Depending on your Needs and location.  These tents commonly accommodate from 40 to 100 Party goers.

20x40 weekender.jpg
Party Tents: Image

Large Party Tents

A Celebration to Remember?

This Tent is the perfect Wedding or Large Event Tent.  Always clean and will seat anywhere from 90 to 240 party goers.  Our Premier Larger event tent that will leave no doubt in your guests minds that this is a true celebration.  Customized to your party's size and location.

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